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We, at Central Xochimilco, want to offer alternative lodging space to help our guests discover Oaxaca. We hope that Central Xochimilco's guests will be immersed in the distinctive details of the beautiful city of Oaxaca. Furthermore, we wish to guide them to discover and navigate Oaxaca's diverse culture, disruptive art scene and rich gastronomy.

Our colonial architecture situates the areas around an open-air central patio. Each room, studio or apartment has been recently renovated, providing a modern and functional space to work while you travel.   
So, whether you are looking for a room for a couple of nights or an apartment for an extended stay, Central Xochimilco seeks not only to provide lodging but to connect people and offer them a unique travel experience guided by local hosts. 


  • Waking up to a gourmet homemade breakfast featuring fresh local fare

  • Comfortable rooms with individual character

  • A pleasant atmosphere for working, lounging, or meeting

  • Located in a residential neighbourhood, but close to the  busy commercial zones

Organic Farmhouse


Monday- Friday Yoga class 

Locally-sourced toiletries

in-suite Kitchen (apartments & suites)



twice a week house keeping 

Central Xochimilco Central Patio

"Beautiful spot tucked away from the city central. Coffee shop was in the process of opening in the back courtyard of the space. Had fresh tangerine juice that they picked from the courtyard. Throughly enjoyed our stay."


Kyle, CA

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